Welcome to Teton Consulting, a boutique coaching company founded and located in Boulder, Colorado since 2004. Please take a minute to explore more about who we are and what we offer.  Chances are we can help you reach your goals in endurance sports while keeping healthy balance with the rest of your busy life.

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  • Working on my NIRS @MoxyMonitor presentation for @usacycling Coaching Summit. Register if you haven't, there are only few spots left.

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    Take drugs, get busted, end up in TV commercials. Good job, @Ford. http://t.co/kHGKt4O42Z - h/t to @Cycletart]

    For the Love. #InAMustang | 2015 Ford Mustang Videos
    The 2015 Ford Mustang changes everything. Watch the reawakening of this couple's passion for work, life, and each other. #InAMustang. Learn more about the al...

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    Sure, in-season transfers are cool, but what about in-RACE transfers? That would be fun.

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    Not that attempted murder of a cyclist JRA should be a surprise at this point, but this one’s bad: http://t.co/xRJwbLVPh4

    Clipped Short Version
    I was clipped by a pickup's mirror, Monday 7/14/14 around 8:20 AM in Bullard TX This really is a little difficult to watch. The sounds are unedited. The vide...

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    Crashes. Compassion. There are many reasons @iamtedking is an
    Trailblazer. He captures them all here: http://t.co/N9gSM2w2wi

    Yeah | I Am Ted King
    That beauty below is the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Tour de France “Grizzly Bear” edition as chosen by yours truly, Ted King.

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