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  • Doing @USACSafeSport training... it's making me really glad I grew up racing bikes, a different world from traditional team sports.

  • 1995 Tour of the Future JR Stage Race, TT- Bisbees, AZ. No adults. Won a stage. Got mooned by a Kiwi! #tbt http://t.co/ExPGVdk8uN

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  • I'm lucky, I was coached by 3 of the riders featured and raced w/ husband of the author, @USACcollegiate still pure! http://t.co/vYPAyROQnA

    The Last Word On Nothing | The value of collegiate sports
    The value of collegiate sportsBy: Christie Aschwanden |April 7, 2014As I’ve followed the NCAA basketball tournament (join me and some folks from Radiolab tonight, as we live tweet the final game), I’ve been thinking about the value of collegiate sports. My first experience with sports in college cam…

  • Why? Because point to point rides with good people on remote dirt roads is damn fun... Panache Mustang Ride http://t.co/sRoHYjDS5K

    Panache Mustang Ride
    PANACHE Mustang Ride The country’s most rugged one day competitive ride. Only the hardy will...

  • Retweeted Michael Creed (@Michael_Creed):

    I love officials, they have a thankless job. But, when you strictly enforce time gaps you promote dangerous situations. Don't promote chaos.

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