Ive been fortunate to have Jon Tarkington as my coach in the final years of my career.  We worked from the ground up through major injuries, found a training and lifestyle template that works for me, ultimately garnering me a national championship and an Olympic berth under his watch.  “Teton” certainly brings way more to the table than an ordinary cycling coach.  His approach taking in the athlete as a whole and the demands of reality has been super effective for me.  More than just physiology and numbers, he really “gets” me as a person, using the knowledge of what drives me as well as my personal demands from reality to manipulate and optimize MT training program.   Above all, Teton could always find a way to push me and give me confidence.  He has mastered not only the the physiologic and technical parts of coaching, but all those unquantifiable touches that make up the art of coaching.

Timmy Duggan


Working with Teton has enabled me to balance my training, family life, and other commitments. I need a coach who understands the physical and emotional impact these responsibilities can have. My performance and love for cycling continue to grow with his personalized plans and professional guidance.

Angela des Cognets


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